Music Therapy for Adults

Music Therapy treatment programs for adults of all ability levels

Music Beat Therapy Services provides music therapy treatment programs for adults of all ability levels. Many adults come to us seeking ways to improve their health and well being. We support them by:

We do this over a 3- week assessment period, before writing an individual and person- centred treatment program based on the client’s musical and therapeutic needs, wants and preferences.

Improve functional outcomes

Our music therapy team works with adults who are living with disabilities that are mental and/or physical, emotional and intellectual in nature.

We also assist people recovering from medical conditions or going through rehabilitation. These conditions can affect a person’s quality of life and impair their capacity to reach their functional goals.

Music therapy can support adults to improve and/or regulate a range of functional outcomes. 

Music therapy techniques can also help people:

Regulate emotions, mood and behaviours

Music therapy can also help adults to improve and regulate emotions, moods and behaviours. This includes regulating energy levels, feelings of frustration and managing difficult or challenging behaviours.

Our team helps our clients develop practical strategies to manage these feelings as well as symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression that can impact on the functional capacities of daily living.

Our brains love the structure and repetition of music. This is one of the reasons we can use it to help our adult clients work on goals that focus on improving mental processing, attention, memory, and communication.

The structure of music also provides us with many tools for helping clients with speech prosody, pitch and regulation of tone, as well as breathing.

This can lead to improved articulation and motor skills, as well as improved abilities to express and understand spoken language and social communication cues.

Celebrate social connections

Music is also a wonderful way to celebrate social connections.

Many of our adult clients enjoy the opportunities to increase and improve their functional social skills through music.

Music can also help to build the capacity to socialise within the community with others, and improve feelings of emotional wellbeing.

We also work with our clients to create music. Learning to play an instrument is a great way to experience joy and success that lead to increased feelings of empowerment, and provide alternative modes for self-expression.

This process of learning an instrument also helps to improve the cognitive processes necessary for instrumental learning.

Music therapy techniques with adults

We use a range of music therapy techniques to meet the goals of our adult clients including: