Our Assessment Process

In a nutshell, we will:

More specifically you can expect the following:

What will my assessment look and sound like?

We conduct our assessments a little differently at Music Beat Therapy Services. We conduct an initial 3 session assessment period to establish therapeutic rapport and assess your needs, functioning, emotional wellbeing, and responses to musical stimuli, behaviours that may indicate how the brain is processing the music and establish your musical preferences.

We also find this timeframe allows us to really work out what your strengths are, and how music can be used to tap into these as a resource for then working towards your goals, hopes and aspirations.

Your assessment sessions will sound fun and musical!

We use a range of music therapy techniques in our assessments, including improvisation, creative, recreative and receptive techniques.

This means we make music in the moment through using our voices, guitars, the keyboard and a range of percussion instruments to interact in a non-verbal way; recreate known music like favourite pop songs or nursery songs (depending on your age); create new music such as song writing, or listen to music together to explore emotions, feelings, relaxation and a range of other things.

Your assessment sessions will be conducted consecutively over a three week/fortnightly period, for the timeframe you have chosen (30, 45 or 60 minutes). A service agreement is provided prior to this which outlines your rights and responsibilities and the terms and conditions of the service. A therapy assistant may also join us for your assessment to add to the musical fun.

What happens after the assessment?

Your music therapist will provide an assessment report, outlining strengths and areas that music can support you, and key goal areas.

Your music therapist will then work in collaboration with you and our Practice Coordinator to identify the music therapy goals and document these on our Goals and Objectives form, as well as in your Support Plan.

Any cultural considerations and potential risks are outlined, discussed and documented in this support plan too.

If you choose to continue with music therapy, a treatment program will be written, documented in your support plan and conducted, in accordance with a new Service Agreement.

Weekly clinical notes will be maintained and your progress and participation continuously evaluated. Your personal choices, therapeutic needs, cultural diversity, and most importantly strengths will be used to direct the program input, direction and ultimately outcomes.