Our Therapy Team

Our therapy team consists of experienced Registered Music Therapists (RMT), Allied Health Therapy Assistants (AHTA) and admin support folk. A point of difference you will experience with us is the clinical experience of our RMTs and the addition of an assistant to many of our sessions.

Your music therapist is qualified with a Bachelor or Master’s degree in music therapy, and registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association (AMTA Inc). Our team are all experienced music therapists who have been working clinically for a number of years.

If you are working with an AHTA you will be under the direct supervision of one of our RMTs. The RMT will conduct your assessment, write and monitor your program and check in regularly as they are on-site for most of your sessions. 

The RMT will also co-facilitate at least 2 sessions per term booking after your initial assessment.

Our AHTAs have a bachelor degree and are often studying to become music therapists or very experienced community musicians or teachers.

Our administration team consists of our Practice Coordinator, who is also a music therapist; an NDIS Service Agreement support person who helps with writing and planning your service agreement; our finance manager, who helps keep on top of the invoicing and fees side of the business; and an admin support guru. You can contact any of these people at any time for help.

Dr Vicky Abad

Founder and Managing Director
Registered Music Therapist

Kate Fletcher

Clinical Services Manager
Registered Music Therapist

Tara Cronin

Practice Coordinator
Registered Music Therapist

Katja Enoka

Registered Music Therapist
Clinical QA Administrator

Lucia Phelan

Registered Music Therapist

Catherine Vesic

Registered Music Therapist
Clinical Report Administrator

Charly Harrison

Registered Music Therapist

Cassie Georgopoulos

Registered Music Therapist

Kelsey Passlow

Allied Health Therapy Assistant
NDIS Coordinator

Anna Kirkman

Allied Health Therapy Assistant

Jihan Johnston

Finance Manager