Anna Kirkman

Clinical Report Administrator | Registered Music Therapist

Anna holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music) from the Queensland University of Technology and a Master of Music Therapy from the University of Melbourne. She works as a Registered Music Therapist and the Music Early Learning Program (MELP) team leader at Music Beat.

While Anna is excited by all areas of music therapy, she is most passionate about early intervention, family-centred approaches, and supporting the vision impairment community. Anna has experience working in mainstream and special education settings, childcare centres, Early Childhood Development Programs, community, family and hospital settings.

Anna believes that therapy should be tailored to each client and their individual needs, preferences, experiences, background and personality. She draws from her own lived experience with a rare chronic illness in her work as a music therapist and is a big advocate for the “Spoon Theory”.

When Anna is not making music at Music Beat Therapy Services, she enjoys singing at her church, reading, dancing, and being with her cats.

Other Team Members

Jihan Johnston

Finance Manager

Lucia Phelan

Team Leader for Wellbeing and Mental Fitness | Registered Music Therapist

Kelsey Passlow

Lessons Team Leader | Registered Music Therapist