The Music Beat Way

At Music Beat Therapy Services, you will be able to access individual and group music therapy services designed specifically to meet your needs, or those of your loved ones.

We do things a little differently at Music Beat Therapy services, starting with a personalised assessment that we conduct over three sessions.

Experienced staff

We also ensure your services are provided by an experienced and permanently employed staff member. This helps to ensure consistency in services during and after your assessment. We try to match our staff to each client for their assessment and/or ongoing treatment.

Once you have made contact with us, or registered your interest via our website, and we have a space in our schedule, our Practice Coordinator will be in touch to book you in for your assessment.

Intake and assessment

Once a time has been booked for your assessment, you will receive a welcome pack which will include all the information and forms needed to complete the intake process. After the three assessment sessions, we will send you an assessment report, and discuss options for ongoing treatment based on the recommendations in your assessment report. 

For most people, this means beginning a treatment program. We will work with you to establish the functional goals and objectives of the music therapy program, and document these along with a treatment plan in your Support Plan.

We will schedule you for recurring sessions, usually weekly in 11 week blocks. We evaluate our programs regularly and document this in your files, plus annually for your NDIS review, or annual review.