Helping rural & regional kids with hearing loss

Music therapy helping kids to hear, listen and speak This week Miss Vicky took our Music Beat Therapy program to Hear and Say where families from regional and rural Australia joined her for a fun morning of music making. Miss Vicky ran a group as a part of Hear and Say’s Telepractice services. Hear and […]

The benefits of music and movement for babies and toddlers

OCC Therapy Music For Being Bouncing Babies_featured

Music and movement is a wonderful way to nurture your child’s development in a supportive, flexible and playful environment. Some of the most important milestones for babies and toddlers centre around language, sensory and motor development. The benefits of combined music and movement A combined music and movement approach allows you to have fun together […]

Beats, Brains and Bodies – Connecting with Music Therapy

connecting with music therapy

When I tell someone that I’m a music therapist, I can usually guarantee one of two responses: a flat out “what’s that?”, or “is that where you play music for people to relax?”. For anyone who has ever come to a kids music therapy session that I have facilitated, you’ll know that they are rarely […]