An awesome opportunity to meet new parents

I just wanted to say a big shout out to Miss Vicky and her wonderful team at Boppin Babies.

We have been going to Boppin Babies music classes for over 2 years now and they quickly became a high light of my week, let alone my baby’s.

Each song and activity you do in the class each week comes with an explanation on why and how it benefits the children, which is so helpful if like me this is all new to you!

Also, for me, it has been an awesome opportunity to meet new parents going through all the highs and lows of parenthood at the same time I am. I have made some wonderful new friends and we have all stayed together as we have moved from the baby to the toddler class.

We plan to stay together all the way to pre-school! I also love that the music groups are good for my bubs brain development and it absolutely melts my heart each week to see a room full of these tiny little people jamming out on drums and with shakers.

I honestly couldn’t recommend Boppin Babies enough. Thanks again Miss Vicky for being so awesome.