Boppin’ Babies has helped my daughter’s language and social skills

My daughter and I have been going to Ms Vicky’s Boppin’ Babies classes since she was 3 months old.

She is now almost 2 years old and loves every minute of it.

She has become very fond of music, which I contribute to her early exposure to it. As soon as she hears music she just has to bop and dance.

Ms Vicky is a wonderful teacher and has a natural talent for making every child and parent feel like they are an important part of the group.

She’s great at explaining various parts of the routine, eg. the benefits of repetition, sign language and developing rhythm.

Boppin’ Babies has helped my daughter not only to develop her musical skills but also her language and social skills. The classes provide a great opportunity for parents to meet and share experiences.

I couldn’t recommend Boppin’ Babies enough. Thanks for heaps of fun every week!