Neurologic music therapy training

Professional development at Music Beat Therapy Services

At Music Beat Therapy Services we use both traditional and neurologic music therapy approaches in our sessions, which are tailored to each client’s needs and goals.

Last week, our therapists Kate and Tara completed their fellowship training in neurologic music therapy (NMT). They presented their clinical work on a variety of different NMT techniques to peers in the industry.

And this week, Nerida, Katja and Lucia are all completing the NMT Institute, which is the first level of training.

Professional development of our therapy team ensures that our clients have access to some of Brisbane’s most highly qualified Registered Music Therapists and Allied Health Therapy Assistants.

We are dedicated to access and equity in music therapy services, best practice and continuous improvement in the services we offer.

What is Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT)?

NMT is the therapeutic application of music and neuroscience on cognitive, motor, and sensory functions and development.

NMT helps with body awareness and regulation. It can help align breathing rate, neural pathways, heart rate, which helps coordinate motor planning and self-regulation.

What are the benefits of NMT?

NMT can help create new and/or different neurologic pathways and centres in the brain. NMT differs from traditional music therapy in that it focuses specifically on music and rhythm’s physical effect on the brain and brain connections; while traditional music therapy uses a psychosocial (emotional, physical, mental) approach to therapy.

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