With change comes opportunity

8 tips to help children and adults with additional needs to manage change by Lucia Phelan, RMT, NMT, Team Leader for Wellbeing and Mental Fitness This month Music Beat Therapy Services welcomed our first clients and families to our new therapy space at Clayfield. It has been so exciting seeing it all come together, and […]

Your First Music Therapy Session

Your first music therapy session will be an opportunity to get to know your music therapist, ask any questions you might have, and for the therapist to start getting to know you. We acknowledge that meeting a new person and/or going somewhere new can be overwhelming or anxiety inducing, so we have come up with […]

Three Music Therapy techniques explained

Every wondered why music therapists do the things they do? Why we use music in certain ways? What we do certainly looks fun and believe me it is!! We have the best jobs making music and helping people achieve their goals every day. But there is also a more serious side to what we do. […]

Helping rural & regional kids with hearing loss

Music therapy helping kids to hear, listen and speak This week Miss Vicky took our Music Beat Therapy program to Hear and Say where families from regional and rural Australia joined her for a fun morning of music making. Miss Vicky ran a group as a part of Hear and Say’s Telepractice services. Hear and […]

Neurologic music therapy training

Professional development at Music Beat Therapy Services At Music Beat Therapy Services we use both traditional and neurologic music therapy approaches in our sessions, which are tailored to each client’s needs and goals. Last week, our therapists Kate and Tara completed their fellowship training in neurologic music therapy (NMT). They presented their clinical work on […]

Music is life for us!

On World Down Syndrome Day, we’re thrilled to publish this guest blog from Cassandra Dinkelman and the Gorgeous George about how music has positively influenced her son’s life. As a child, I was in the Primary School Choir and recorder group from about Grade 2. I moved on to instrumental music, continuing in the choir […]

How to build a therapy business

Dr Vicky Abad, Dan Thomas, Dr Becky Zarate_featured

Music Beat Founder and Managing Director Dr Vicky Abad completed a university speaking tour in the United States during April 2018, presenting a series of workshops and seminars for her book, The Economics of Therapy, co-edited with Daniel Thomas, Managing Director of UK art therapies provider Chroma, and chapter author Dr Becky Zarate of Lesley […]

How live music supports improvisational play and vocalising

live music inprovished play

Some of you may have seen this delightful video we posted on Facebook recently. In this video, Master J is singing along with me as he bounces on the little red cars we use at Boppin’ Babies. Many people commented on this post and have also asked me “what is actually going on?” They can […]

The benefits of music and movement for babies and toddlers

OCC Therapy Music For Being Bouncing Babies_featured

Music and movement is a wonderful way to nurture your child’s development in a supportive, flexible and playful environment. Some of the most important milestones for babies and toddlers centre around language, sensory and motor development. The benefits of combined music and movement A combined music and movement approach allows you to have fun together […]

Beats, Brains and Bodies – Connecting with Music Therapy

connecting with music therapy

When I tell someone that I’m a music therapist, I can usually guarantee one of two responses: a flat out “what’s that?”, or “is that where you play music for people to relax?”. For anyone who has ever come to a kids music therapy session that I have facilitated, you’ll know that they are rarely […]